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Annie Olive Cahill

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"Elle Woods is an iconic character...and Cahill is up to the challenge. Her Elle believably moves from shallow sorority girl to ambitious striver while never losing her charm or heart -- and the girl's got pipes...she knocks it out of the park."   
--On Stage North Texas

Despite growing up in an isolated area of Northern California, I was exposed to professional theatre by visiting bigger cities, often learning about historical and social issues for the first time from the stage.   I headed to Texas for college, wanting to grow and learn in a more metropolitan area, yet still experience a traditional campus. Health and fitness are an important aspect of my wellbeing, and while I am serious about my work, I believe laughter is the best medicine.  I enjoy working with children, appreciating the opportunity to teach and choreograph dance during college.  I am currently completing my Pilates teaching certification.  I am fully COVID vaccinated and boosted.



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